Chris McKendry: No Need To Flash Back To Lake Placid To Feel Patriotic

Chris McKendry

After my SportsCenter show today, three eastern time, I'm going home to watch hockey. Going home to watch hockey. Olympic hockey has become appointment viewing for me over the past week. Team USA is playing for a spot in the gold medal game, at this stage of the Olympic Tournament 30 years ago, USA shocked Russia. But no need to flash back to Lake Placid to feel patriotic, just stay tuned as Team USA and Team Canada are on a collision course to meet in Sunday's gold medal game. The college kids of the 1980's were likely the biggest underdogs in sports history. This year's USA team features millionaires from the NHL. Big difference, I get that. But just look at the rosters and all the NHL names you'll recognize are on other teams. USA's biggest name, Brian Rafalski. Canada has Crosby, Nash, Niedermeyer, Brodeur. My co-anchor John Buccigross estimates the US has two potential Hall of Famers on the roster. Canada has twelve. Sometimes the stars align and turn games into experiences. This is one of those times and I'm not missing it.