Torry Holt Will Have To Bring His Own Ball To Bowling Night

Torry Holt's Unique Finger (2:00)

Torry Holt talks to SportsCenter.com about his unique finger. (2:00)

Since his rookie year in 1999, wide receiver Torry Holt has made a name for himself by having the best hands in the NFL. He has caught just about everything thrown his way during the past 11 seasons, which have led to a seven Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl championship with the St. Louis Rams. Playing 11 years in the league undoubtedly leads to your fair share of scars and battle wounds, but nothing compares to the magnificent trophy Torry carries around with him on a daily basis. So when he came to Bristol, we sent our Special Correspondent for Medical Oddities, Steve Braband, to inspect these uber-productive hands.