Tim Brown Gives Us His Ideal NASCAR-NFL Team

Tim Brown And Drive For Diversity (2:30)

Tim Brown talks to SportsCenter.com about his invovlment in Drive For Diversity. (2:30)

Former Oakland Raider superstar, Tim Brown, dropped by Bristol the other day and gave us an update on life since he hung up the cleats. As apart of the Drive For Diversity program, Tim Brown, is attempting to put together a NASCAR team (with the help of Roush Fenway Racing) in hopes of bringing some diversity to the NASCAR circuit.

We wanted to see how Tim's team would break down if it were made up of all NFL players (imagine how awesome that would be). We also flipped the scenario and asked what position some of the leading NASCAR drivers would play if they were to dabble in the National Football League. Without giving too much away, let's just say they all have something in common.