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We call it "The Big Dance" for the same reason we call it "the paint" and the same reason we call them "cupcakes". And the reason is Al McGuire. Back in 1977, he was coaching Marquette and wearing a lucky blue blazer. And when the regular season was over, someone asked him if he planned to keep on wearing that jacket in the tournament. Al said, "Absolutely. You gotta wear the blue blazer when you go to the big dance." And with that, Marquette danced all the way to the national title. And 33 years later, you have a bracket to fill out...

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More from The Rundown, including the Dynamic Duo that pulled out the SportsCenter Highlight of the Night, why Kobe should watch his back on the Ides of March, and the end of cheese rolling as we know it, after the jump.


The Thunder pulled within a half-game of the Jazz after pulling off an eight-point win over the Jazz in OK City. And Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook pulled up their socks to hit for 35 points and 30 points respectively - the third time those four socks have scored 30 or more in the same game. And all of them have come since February 20:

February 20, Thunder def. Knicks 121-118 in OT

- Kevin Durant: 36 points

- Russell Westbrook: 31 points

March 2, Thunder def. Kings 113-107

- Kevin Durant: 39 Points

- Russell Westbrook: 30 Points

Last Night, Thunder def. Jazz 119-111

- Kevin Durant: 35 Points

- Russell Westbrook: 30 Points

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The Lakers visit the Warriors tonight (10:30 pm ET, ESPN) as heavy favorites, considering they've won eight straight head-to-head. But the Warriors have the Babyface Assassin in Stephen Curry, and he's no stranger to knocking off some favorites in March. Remember the tournament two years ago, when Davidson was seeded 10th and Curry dropped 40 in a first round upset of 7th-seeded Gonzaga. Then he dropped 33 in a second round upset of 2nd-seeded Georgetown. Then he dropped 33 more in a Sweet 16 upset of 3rd-seeded Wisconsin. (The run ended in a two-point loss to top-seeded Kansas, despite 25 points from Curry.) So Kobe - watch your back.

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"We have had to cancel on the advice of the police and local authorities. Last year 15,000 spectators tried to come to the event, by far the most we have ever seen, and we just could not cope. As well as concerns about the safety of the crowd and the competitors, landowners were worried by the amount of damage done by people climbing over fences and that sort of thing."

- Cheese has been rolling down a hill in England for 200 years, and for 200 years, people have rolled down after it, often ending up in the hospital. This year's cheese-rolling was to take place on May 31st. But now...it won't. (Sniff)

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