Linda Cohn: Better Late Than Never!

I should have written this blog LAST NIGHT! But I was too distraught. Nothing serious. It was just my obsession over the New York Rangers. Perhaps you read my colleague, Steve Berthiaume's blog Tuesday when he referred to me as a lunatic Rangers fan! He's right, you know. "Bert" wrote about the experience of sitting across from me while watching my Blueshirts. He really wished he brought a pair of earplugs. You see, The Rangers are trying to catch "Bert's" Bruins for the eighth and final playoff spot in the NHL's Eastern Conference. While Bert thinks he is doing me a favor by conceding the 8th spot to the Rangers, there is no way they deserve it! Not when you're an NHL team who barely can muster 20 shots on goal. At least his Bruins have excuses. They have injuries. The Rangers? They've dug a deeper hole and they don't appear desperate to climb out of it. Is it too much to ask for a little desperation???

You know what I'm talking about. Haven't you ever loved a team so much, even if your team is tough to love? I wish I could tell you I had something to look forward to if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, but unfortunately for me, I’m a Mets fan.