We Interrupt Your March Madness To Bring You Other Sports News


"I work for the Cleveland Browns and we collect quarterbacks. Are you interested in a job?"

It's no secret, during this time of year, March Madness rules the airwaves. Even "Survivor" bows to the king of spring and goes on hiatus for one week. We know most of you are consumed by your brackets, except maybe Georgetown fans, so we felt it was our duty to let you know what else has been going on in the world of sports.

We start with the NFL: Don't be surprised if Tim Tebow is the next to board the Cleveland Browns quarterback carousel. After releasing Derek Anderson, signing Jake Delhomme and trading Brady Quinn, Cleveland has opted to bring in Tebow for a private workout before the NFL Draft. Browns President Mike Holmgren still has qualms about Tebow's throwing mechanics, but recognizes the talent is there. "I like the kid so much. He is strong and throws it hard. You can't bet against guys like him because he'll work hard to do this ... ." Could this be the move that keeps LeBron in Cleveland this summer? We're not sure, but one things for certain: Cleveland's gonna have to face it, they're addicted to QB's.

For those of you who don't have the Cactus League package, Cliff Lee has been suspended for the first five regular season games for throwing over the head of Arizona's Chris Snyder. Lee declined to comment on the situation when asked by reporters, but according to the Mariners, Lee will appeal the suspension. Here's three possible excuses Lee can use in his appeal:

1) Barry Zito beaned Prince Fielder and he was suspended no games.

2) You'd be frustrated too if you traded in Philly cheesesteaks for a fish market.

3) He drank way too many Starbucks' grande espressos and lost control of the ball.

Even with North Carolina out of this year's NCAA Tournament, MJ still found a way to get involved in March Madness. Shortly after being approved as the majority owner of the Bobcats, Jordan vowed to be an integral part of Charlotte's operation. "I'd like to think my investment has entitled me to make a lot of decisions," said Jordan. While we agree, it's worth noting that the last time Jordan made the decisions, the Washington Wizards used their 2001 No. 1 overall pick on Kwame Brown.

And speaking of athletes taking on new roles, how about Jerry Rice becoming a professional golfer? Just three years after waltzing his way to a runner-up finish on season two of "Dancing With The Stars," Rice will make his Nationwide Tour debut on April 12, 2010 at the Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae. "I believe to elevate your game, you have to play with the best," Rice said. "That's what I'm trying to do." If Manny Pacquiao can try to put on concerts and John Daly can sell pizzas, why can't a Hall of Fame wideout win a green jacket some day?

You may now return to your brackets.