Neil Everett: A Night To Remember

Neil Everett

I had the privilege of presenting the John R. Wooden Award Friday at Los Angeles Downtown Athletic Club. Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson, and John Wall were the three nominees in attendance. It's kind of cool, even at my age, to meet the young fellas that I've watched on television over the course of the season. You shake hands with John Wall, and you can't help but think this guy is probably the number one pick in the NBA draft and will be rich beyond his wildest dreams. He's just a kid. Turner, who won the award, and Johnson could not be nicer. Turner's acceptance speech was beautiful. Plus, I met John Calipari, and it took less than a minute to know why young men gravitate towards him...very personable. Billy Donovan won the Wooden coaching award for his career's worth of work. I told him that he needed to move west and takeover at Oregon, my alma mater. That's not going to happen.