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(A gigantic, nuclear furnace.) So it's hot. And if one is hot, then more are hotter, which probably explains why the Suns have burned other NBA teams 13 times in their last 15 games. And the 13th was their 11th straight over the Nuggets in Phoenix, and a 22-point scorching at that. It's also their 8th straight win at home, which is worth a mention since they have now clinched home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

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More from The Rundown, including why New York might be able to blame the mob if the Knicks don't sign Dwyane Wade, and how to read the tea Leafs ahead of the NHL playoffs, after the jump.

"'There's no way I'm meeting the Gottis or having my photo taken with them.' Gotti's security guard got into a scuffle with Wade's. Gotti then headed back to his friends looking visibly upset."

- Dwyane Wade has (or maybe had) an admirer in the Gotti family. The same Gotti family that once led the Gambino family. The same Gambino family that was one of the Five Families in New York. The same New York that might want to try and sign Wade as a free agent this off-season.



The NBA Playoffs start Saturday, but the Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight. But should they start at all in the East? Because based on just one match-up, we already know two things. The Senators and Penguins will face off tonight (7:00 pm ET) for the third time in their respective playoff histories. Each of the match-ups have come in the first round. And each time the winner has gone on to the Cup Final. And each time the winner was the loser in the Cup Final. (And speaking of losers, the playoffs start without the Leafs - a point not lost on the Google.)

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