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The bad news for Lakers fans is that the Thunder is (are?) only the fifth team to level a series against a Phil Jackson-coached team at 2-2 after falling behind in said series 2-0. The good news for Lakers fans is that each of those Jackson-coached teams came back to win the series (twice with the Bulls and twice with the Lakers). And ahead of Game 5 tonight (10:30 pm ET), the best news for fans everywhere is that there are Lakers fans like this guy...

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Touches are important, especially for a point guard. And since the Phoenix Suns run their offense through Steve Nash, it's important for him to have a lot of touches. 239 seems about right, especially since we're talking about his number of high-fives during a game. Wait, what?

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Jaroslav Halak stopped 53 of 54 shots as the Canadiens beat the Capitals 4-1 to force Game 7 tomorrow night back in Washington. His 53 saves were the most by a goalie in a non-overtime playoff win in the NHL's expansion era. (That's since 1968). But why wait until tomorrow night to scratch your win-or-go-home hockey itch? There's a Game 7 tonight (9:00 pm ET) in Phoenix between the Coyotes and the Red Wings. The Yotes have never won a Game 7 since they joined the NHL in 1979 and called themselves the Winnipeg Jets. They're 0-4. That's not good. But worse is (are?) the baseball Giants. Even going back to their time in New York, they're 0-5 in Game 7 of a best-of-seven series. (And that even includes Game 8 of the 1912 World Series against the Red Sox, which they had to play since Game 2 ended in a tie.)

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