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After taking 26 shots in an 11-point loss in Game 4, Carmelo Anthony said to his Nuggets teammates, "I'm trying to do everything I can in my power to beat the Jazz, but at the end of the day I need some help." To which J.R. Smith tweetly responded, "You play selfish you lose selfish that's all I'm saying about the game!" So with their backs against the wall back in Denver last night, Melo took only 19 shots yet led six Nuggets in double-digits. More importantly, he led all 12 Nuggets to a 14-point win to stay alive in the playoffs. That snapped an 8-game losing streak for Denver when facing playoff elimination - encompassing all of Melo's NBA career and the longest such streak in NBA history. The Hornets and Hawks are now on the clock with 7 straight, with the Hawks up first on Friday in Milwaukee.

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The Nielsen Co. has developed an Internet algorithm to analyze whether people like something or hate something. And when they ran it to determine the most despised team in baseball, it came up with a team that was not the Yankees. (They finished as the fifth-most despised.) So with a score of 0.9, the biggest winner (loser?) are the Cleveland Indians? Wait, what?


"My dad screamed to me from the parking lot, 'You smashed my car!' I thought it was pretty ironic. My first career home run in high school and it happened to hit my dad's car."

- Shane Trevino hopes to play baseball at Michigan State. And he just might, after his first career homer smashed the windshield of the family's Pontiac Grand Prix.

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