Robert Flores: Mayweather's Just Better

Robert Flores

That’s it I’m done. I’m out. Who won’t be ordering Floyd Mayweather fights on pay per view? This guy. I shelled out the 60 plus dollars on Mayweather/Mosley last night and was left unsatisfied and with whole lot of chips and dip. Including some sort of pineapple, cream cheese and pecan concoction. It was pretty good but maybe the look of pecans sitting there on top of the cheese scared people away.

After the second round last night some members of my party spent the night looking for celebrities. Mariah was there, Chris Brown too, (an odd choice to sing the national anthem) and I think that Chuck Norris was sitting ringside? He can’t have that much juice can he? Did anyone see Muhammad Ali ringside last night? Who was the little kid asleep on his lap? These are the questions I was pondering as Mayweather was pummeling Mosley.

The boredom of last night’s fight wasn’t Mayweather’s fault. He’s just better than everyone. Except for one. We think. Mayweather put on a magnificent display of speed, defense and power. But it left me wanting more. If I’m paying 60 plus dollars, I’ve got to have more. I’ve got to see Mayweather pushed to his limits for longer than just one round. And there’s only one man that fits the bill. Manny Pacquiao. The generally recognized pound-for-pound best in the world. That will be the only fight I order on pay-per-view. That will be the centerpiece of my next fight party, because Mayweather and cream cheese with pecans isn’t going to be enough.