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The Blackhawks beat the Canucks 5-1 in Vancouver to advance to the Western Conference Finals where they will face the Sharks. Chicago has now won five straight playoff games away from Chicago, and scored more than five goals in each of the last four. And the three in Vancouver were all won by at least three goals (see: 5-2, 7-4, and 5-1). Only one other team in NHL playoff history has ever won three road games in one series, and all three by at least three goals. To find it, you have to go all the way back to the first round this year, when Detroit did it to Phoenix in Phoenix (see: 7-4, 4-1 and 6-1.)

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LeBron James made just 3 of the 14 shots he took from the field - and 0 of the 4 he took from behind the arc. His 21.4% from the floor is his second-lowest ever in a postseason game. He's only ever had 4 playoff games in which he's shot less than 25%, and 3 of them have come against the Celtics.

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E (72)

Tony Romo - the Cowboys quarterback - shot even-par to finish in a 12-way tie for 20th place as he tries to qualify for next week's Byron Nelson Classic in Irving, Texas. His 72 was good enough to advance to Monday's open qualifying round - he'll have to finish in the top four to play in the tournament.

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