Josh Elliott and Tom Brady Clear Up Everything You Need To Know About "Lost" (You'll See)

SportsCenter Explaning Lost (4:06)

...As if it were about the 2007 New England Patriots (4:06)

Unless you’ve been living in an underground bunker, you may have heard something about the major television event taking place on Sunday night. Namely, the series finale of “Lost,” the iconic show that has held audiences captive over the past six years. Except for those little pieces of the audience who stopped watching after Season 3.

Well, we feel sorry for all those people. And for those people who have never watched to begin with. Because not only did you probably not get the “living in an underground bunker” joke in the first sentence, but you’re probably a bit, um, lost as to what’s going on as we approach Sunday’s epic 5-and-a-half hour finale event extravaganza.

Fear not. We’re going to catch you up, but in terms that a sports fan can understand. If you wanted to find a "Lost" recap, you can find a lot of those. We figured we'd take a crack at explaining the show in more tangible terms. So here's "Lost" explained as if the show was about the 2007 New England Patriots. You know, the almost-undefeated, upset-by-the-Giants-in-the-Super-Bowl Patriots. We could explain more, but we thought we’d just let our own Josh Elliott, a "Lost" fanatic to rival any "Lost" fanatic, take it away.