Steve Levy: Life will never be the same

Steve Levy

Greetings from my wife's hospital room. I feel the need to share, so here it is and sports plays only a minuscule role. If you're merely a sports fan with no other emotion or feeling, then click the red exit X out of this, or the back arrow or just power down altogether. It is 11pm ET and I am watching the 4th quarter of Celtics/Magic Game 5, drinking a glass of champagne in the dark while my wife sleeps next to me and my newborn daughter sleeps in front of me. I am filled with emotions I never knew I owned. 24 hours ago my wife started pushing. To see someone you love struggle so much and in so much pain was the most helpless feeling I've ever experienced. Full disclosure here I'm a bit on the squeamish side so while I was trying to "coach" I was staring at the ceiling praying this miracle would happen sooner rather than later. Two and a half hours later, my daughter appeared.

To all the doctors and nurses, it was merely another day at the office, to me it was life altering. Sorry, I just took a time out as baby was crying. I thought it was just going to be a "20", but turned out I needed a full t.o. I was, as you would expect, completely useless. My wife wakes up and its game on (not C's/Magic, as it turns out, that series is now officially on). Baby is quiet now. Where was I? Anyway, my priorities have changed. For example, if Anderson or Van Pelt called out sick for tonight's show I wouldn't have been available. Now I'm not sure this blog will ever see the light of the web but it sure felt good writing it. This is my soft sensitive side I don't often show, certainly not in public. But it's real.

The birth of my daughter has made me a changed man. My old life is now unrecognizable. And I'm good with that. I've been dropped to the 3rd spot in the batting order of my existence. If you include our new puppy, then I'm hitting 4th. The "clean up" spot. How appropriate. Maybe you"ll look at me differently the next time you see me on SportsCenter. You'd be right, I'm already different. Time to catch some z's. Gotta get 'em where you can. My wake-up call is set for every 2 hours for the immediate future.