Stephen Strasburg's Debut:
Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This?

If you don't know who Stephen Strasburg is by now, you're about to get a major dose of the Nationals' phenom in the next 24 hours (drafted number one overall in the 2009 MLB Draft by the Nationals and signed a record $15.1 million contract). He'll make his Major League debut Tuesday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not since LeBron James arrival in the NBA, has one player garnered so much hype. Strasburg finished his short stint at Triple-A Syracuse with a 1.08 ERA. In 33.1 innings, he struck out 38 and walked just seven. ESPN's Baseball Analyst Tim Kurkjian spoke with Sage Steele on SportsCenter and detailed all the hype surrounding Strasburg's debut. Take note, if you don't have a ticket to Tuesday's game, the Nationals will make 2,000 standing room only tickets - at $10 apiece - available Tuesday. Additionally, 400 grandstand seats will also be made available on the day of the game.

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