Steve Levy: It's the NFL's Night...Or Is it?


Look...everyone knows the NFL is king and on what could potentially be the best night of their season, with their best match-up on the field, leave it to the college game to try and stake their claim to some of the evening’s sports turf. Sure there are the undefeated Saints, but then again there are the seemingly always defeated Fighting Irish as well. Notre Dame countered by firing Charlie Weis today after his loss to Stanford sealed his fate (that last part serves no real purpose other than to get a tie-in to the Tiger Woods news, Weis was a goner long before Saturday). There are the Patriots and uber-star Tom Brady in prime time tonight, so college football chimes in with our report that Bobby Bowden will announce his retirement tomorrow. So which league's stories are the bigger deal? I reserve judgment until the end of the NFL game, don’t want to rush into making that call. It could be a 4th quarter for the ages or the ageless Joe Paterno might just dial me up with something noteworthy to say. I'll have to stay tuned, there really is no other option play.