Linda Cohn: Take Note Commissioner Bettman

Linda Cohn

Some thoughts now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over and the Chicago Blackhawks are champions....

The Blackhawks have what it takes to be more than a "one-hit wonder". Then again, we said that about the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Anyone who says the Flyers should be happy they got as far as they did, doesn’t know the truth. Philadelphia and its fans should be disappointed. All the Flyers needed was better goaltending when it mattered most. Michael Leighton couldn’t give it to them. A great save can be inspiring, a bad goal is only deflating. The Flyers need to find a real Number one goalie if they plan on returning to the Finals. They haven't had that since Ron Hextall.

There is no question Gary Bettman is the only sports commissioner that gets booed in every arena. Flyers fans thought he was Santa Claus obviously. Despite the negativity he attracts, Bettman has a lot to be happy about. The Game Six clincher was the highest-rated Stanley Cup Final game in 36 years.

You know why? The game did not take place opposite the NBA Finals, like it did for Game Five. Want another reason? The game wasn't played on a Friday night like Game 4. Friday night is NOT a big TV- watching night. That's why the NBA Finals aren’t played on a Friday night, and let’s not forget the game was played on a network people can get on their television, NBC!

Yes, the actual game was spectacular, filled with goals, hard hits and tremendous pace, provided by two hard-working hockey teams, but all that wouldn't have mattered if people couldn't see it.

Take note Commissioner Bettman.

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