Steve Levy: You're Killing Me, Revis!

Steve Levy

Darelle Revis, you are killing me! Not sure if I’m allowed to admit this because we here at ESPN are all impartial journalists (born that way, who isn’t?), but I was born and raised a huge Jets fan. It's really the only team I still openly root for (when I'm not working) . I've already seen all my other favorite teams win championships. Anyway, I believe Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL, a game-changer in a league in which there are only a handful. I'm not saying he doesn’t (excuse the double negative, I'm writing this at the same time I'm anchoring SportsCenter) deserve a massive raise but this making a mockery of mini-camp the way he did today is not the way to go about it.

Faking an injury and then yucking it up later to show everyone you are in charge is completely unprofessional and mocking the game. Now, I’ve always been a contract guy. You honor your contract. It was good enough when you signed it or else you wouldn’t have, but even I make the exception when it comes to the NFL, where the shelf life for the average player is probably 4 or 5 years (2.5 if you’re a running back.) There’s not a lot of loyalty in the league and you have to make as much money as quickly as possible.

If you notice I rarely give the dollar details on an NFL contract on SC because it's really meaningless. Forget the 8-year deal worth $100 million. Since there are no guaranteed contracts in the NFL, you could be shown the door tomorrow and that contract is a worthless piece of paper. In fact, the only dollar figure that counts in the NFL is the guaranteed money and THAT I mention every time.

So I get it, and if Revis feels he’s been wronged, or outplayed his contract (he has), then either play it out and bolt when your deal is done or hold out like everybody else. Now, I also understand there is some language in his contract that would cost him big bucks if hemissed mini-camp. If you’re being so high and mighty, and principled, then sit out for what you believe is right and fair, but don’t go about it the way you did today. It's insulting to everyone, including yourself. Yes, football is a business and also a kids' game, but Revis made himself look childish with this move. And again, I grew up (and still am shhh) a huge Jets fan.