About Last Night: Pictures From Friday, June 25th


Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Why pay for strawberries and whipped cream when you can snack on your tennis racket?


Harry How/Getty Images

Taylor Hall, the No. 1 overall pick in yesterday's NHL Draft, has tremendous versatility: he can shoot, pass, and host late night talk shows.


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

"If you wanna be successful on Dancing With the Stars, you're gonna have to trust your coach. Now grab my hips and let's do the foxtrot."


Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

"Hey Jeter, I know I'm not your manager anymore, but do you mind if I tickle you one last time?


Steve Haag/Getty Images

Don't be surprised if Juan isn't ready for Brazil's match versus Chile on Monday.


AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

It's official: Michael Chiklis will be playing Kevin Youkilis in "Bald and Bearded: The Kevin Youkilis Story."