For MLB, It's "San Juan Today, Tomorrow, The World"


Al Bello/Getty Images

Baseball in San Juan involves way more dancing.

Last night, the Florida Marlins hosted the New York Mets in the last showdown of a three-game series between the NL East rivals. As you may have heard, the series was not – as you might expect – at Sun Life Stadium. In fact, it wasn’t even in Florida. Instead, both teams traveled to sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico to play the series at Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

We dig the idea of professional USA leagues barnstorming through other countries, even if it does remind us of that “Family Guy” episode when Peter Griffin and the Patriots go to England (and that wasn't necessarily a good thing). Point is, we’re all for more of it. So much so that we have some suggestions as to where the Major Leaguers should head in the future.

Red Sox vs. White Sox

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is hosting the World Cup in 2014 and, come to think of it, the Olympics in 2016, so they’ll be seeing plenty of worldwide sports action in the next few years. But, sadly, baseball won’t be one of those sports as it was voted out of the summer Olympics back in 2005 (it was the first sport voted out since polo(!) was eliminated from the 1936 games). So let’s make up for that fact by giving Brazilians a little taste of America’s national pastime. Why the Red Sox and White Sox? Well, Brazil loves it’s futbol, and socks go on … feet! Makes perfect sense. Kind of.

Kansas City Royals vs. New York Yankees

London, England

Speaking of the World Cup, London is another must on any potential MLB world tour. Because after England’s early World Cup exit this year – and a 44-year World Cup title drought, come to that – maybe it’s time for the Brits to warm up to a sport other than football. Surely a team like the Royals would gather the support of the Queen and her peeps, right? Right.

Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Eyjafjöll, Iceland

If there’s anywhere that needs a bit of positive PR, it’s Eyjafjoll. As in the home of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. You know the one that stranded all those people at airports around the world a few months back. And nothing drums up positive PR like baseball (just ask umpire Jim Joyce!). Thanks to their frosty digs back in the states, the Twins and Brewers seem most suited to play atop an Icelandic glacier, so the only hurdle left is teaching the players how to pronounce that thing. But we have that covered.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Seattle Mariners

Cooperstown, New York

OK, OK, we know New York is in the United States. But Cooperstown – the birthplace of baseball - deserves some Major League action as much as any other location on the globe. The town used to host the annual Hall of Fame Game, an exhibition between two big league teams, at Doubleday Field, but that was discontinued in 2009. Now the historic grounds host the Hall of Fame Classic, a game that pits two teams of veterans against each other. So we’d like to bring back some Big League love. Why the Cardinals and the Mariners? Well, it seems to be a common feeling that Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki will be in Cooperstown some day sooner rather than later. Why not give them an early look at their future digs.