About Last Night:
Pictures From Saturday, July 3rd


Joern Pollex/Getty Images

It was in midair when Germany's Arne Friedrich realized that a celebratory belly flop was quite possibly the worst idea ever.


Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

When David Villa dropped his last pretzel M&M on the ground, things quickly got out of hand.


Julian Finney/Getty Images

Serena was super excited to win her fourth Wimbledon title, mostly because now she has enough big shiny hubcaps for a complete set.


Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR

After his Daytona win, Kevin Harvick put on a poor man's fireworks display using Coke Zero instead of rockets.


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sadly, it seems the Diamondback "Legends" have gotten into Ken Griffey Jr.'s old nerve tonic.


AP Photo/Bas Czerwinski

Don't you just hate it when you get stuck behind a biker on your way to work?