Evening Buzz Hotlinks

Several people and sporting events are lighting up the Internet right now. We've culled through all the noise and have selected some stuff you might want to check out. Impress your friends with your new found knowledge while sitting around the water cooler talking sports.

LeBron James

NBA super-star LeBron James captured the sports world’s attention with his one-hour special deciding which team he would play for next season. As we all know by now, the two-time reigning MVP picked Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat, signing a 6-year contract. Since then the aftermath has reached all ends of the spectrum from spurned Cavs fans/owners to the King’s new court in Florida.

*LeBron just launched his new website lebronjames.com where you can find all the latest news and information about King James.

*He also just created a twitter account, @kingjames LeBron’s fans, new and old alike, can hear from the man himself.

*James has a Nike webpage titled nikelebron.net where you can find the latest merchandise he’ll be sponsoring for the Nike brand.

Derek Fisher

Lakers PG Derek Fisher has spent 11 of his 14 NBA seasons with L.A but was a free agent this summer. He won five Championships in Los Angeles, including the past two, but entertained offers once contract talks stalled. One of the teams interested in luring him away was the Miami Heat. Heat president Pat Riley met with Fisher this week and newcomer LeBron James met with Fisher at the airport upon his arrival in Miami. Ultimately, Fisher decided to pass on the Heat’s offer and stick with the NBA Champions.

* For information on Fisher’s new 3-year deal with the Lakers you can click here: Fisher Agrees with Lakers

* Derek Fisher has an Official Website website for all the latest news regarding the Lakers point guard.

* You can contact Fisher directly at his Twitter account @derekfisher

Iker Casillas

Spanish goalie Iker Casillas made headlines for his play at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, posting shutouts in each of the knockout rounds. Casillas led his team to the first World Cup win in its prestigious history. He also earned the Golden Glove award given to the best goalie of the tournament.

*Casillas also made headlines off the field this weekend. After winning the World Cup, the keeper was being interviewed by his sports-reporter girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, when he unexpectedly planted a kiss on her.

*You can find out more information on one of the world’s best goalies by visiting his profile website with his professional team, Real Madrid.

*If that’s not enough goal-keeping fun for you, check out iker-casillas.com for news and information on the superstar in three different languages.