Steve Levy: Dwyane Wade Has It Wrong

Steve Levy

I vote for having the phrase "taken out of context" taken out of every pro athlete's vocabulary. Either they don’t know what it means (which I doubt, I give them more credit than that) or it's their only go-to crutch when they've verbally fallen and can't pick themselves off the ground. When their foot just will not come out of mouth. I hate to generalize so I'm going to singularize and point the finger at Dwyane Wade.

Now granted, he's had a lot going on lately, but when he went with "World Trade" (center) to compare how he thought others (media) would describe a 2- or 3-game losing streak for the Heat next season, he obviously crossed the line between good and bad taste. Now look, we all make mistakes and say things we don’t mean (check out mine nightly 11pm ET), so I get that. I even know what he meant, the comparison he failed miserably trying to make. It was just a poor choice of words, and I'm a huge Wade fan. I think he's one of a handful of NBA'ers single-handedly worth the price of admission.

I'm sure he's sorry, wishing he never uttered those words…but then just man (or woman) up, own it, apologize and get on with things. But it burns me to no end when the pro athlete, in this case D-Wade, attempts to turn the blame around and point the finger elsewhere with the tired old, lame "completely taken out of context" routine.

He even added to his list of excuses, going all "inaccurately reported" on us…which he might have gotten away with. We would've had to have given him the benefit of the doubt, except this time the world was saved because there's video and audio proof that nothing he said was "taken out of context" or "inaccurately reported." All we did on SportsCenter was press the play button and show the tape from start to finish. Now if he blames us for that, he's got a case…otherwise I’m OK with his apology and (hopefully) now a large donation to some worthy World Trade Center-related charity and we're all good. Then, Wade's taken a negative and turned it into a positive…and at the same time he's given his fellow ballers a refresher course to remember to only blame the media when we do take something out of context…and to blame only themselves when we don’t.