SportsCenter.com Fan Rant - MLB's Best Winner

SportsCenter.com Fan Rant - MLB's Best (1:01)

Corey from Boston wins the SportsCenter.com Fan Rant Contest (1:01)

Another Fan Rant contest has come and gone and this time the winner was a Red Sox fan, giving props to the Yankees. No, seriously. Corey from Boston risks alienation from his fellow Bostonians to give the Yankees credit as the best team in baseball right now....but does throw in one little caveat at the end to help save his face in the neighborhood.

His was the best video but lots of people left lots of comments on this week's topics…


I'd say the Yankees are extremely hot at the moment but I doubt there pitching. Andy P. is great but I question if he will perform later this year. So the Rays in my book are the team to beat come October. They are just to good but yet overlooked because the Yankees are leading the East.


As much as I love my Cubbies, the best team in baseball in my opinion is the Rangers. The lineup is scary and adding Cliff Lee to the pitching staff is gonna frustrate offenses for the rest of the season into the playoffs.


The Yankees are the best team in the MLB. They have the best record and they are even doing better than last year when they won the World Series, for the 27th time. Everyone's talking about how the White Sox are on fire when they are barely over .500 and the Braves, Padres, Rangers are nearly the same. The New York Yankees are the best team in baseball!


Padres almost seem like the 2002 Angels, no one saw them coming and still people doubt them. It's about time in baseball that a team like this seems like a real baseball team and goes out and has fun, that's what baseballs all about and not just a high, over priced team in a big market. Ideally, the Padres would love to spend and get bigger bats but that won't ever be the case, and for once this team is meant to play at Petco Park finally, only took six years to finally put the pieces together. Keep the Faith!


Braves. Hands down the team no one picked and with that staff and the way they score runs, they could send Bobby Cox off with one more trip to the WS.


Which team won eight straight coming off the All-star break? Which team featured five players in the All-star game? Which team has Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina, Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, three of the top youngest players in the game, and possibly Roy Oswalt before October? Which team just went 7-1 against the two teams who played in the '09 NL Championship? What is the only team to have one player hit two grand slams in the same inning? What team hosted the only two players to ever get 12 RBI's in a single game? What team has only three fewer retired numbers than the historic Yankees? What team has three more world series wins than all other division leaders combined (except the Yankees, of course)? Which team has allowed half the stolen bases of any division leader, thanks to its incredible pitcher-catcher match-up? Which team leads the game in ERA? Which team has fewer walks than any division leader?

Need I continue? The Cards have the Series clinched.


Padres.. Braves.. give me a break... The Yankees are the team to beat and most definitely the favorites to repeat as World Champs. They've proven they can win the big games, and have the veterans that know how to get it done. The back end of their rotation may be a little shaky, but you only need 3 solid starters to get you through the playoffs; especially in a weak American League.