Brian Wilson's Fastball Leaves The Marlins Seeing Orange


If Edwin Rodriguez doesn’t like Brian Wilson’s kicks, he really won’t like Marty McFly’s.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez was not too happy with San Francisco closer Brian Wilson's fashion choices Tuesday night when the Giants beat Florida, 6-4. Specifically, Rodriguez, who complained to the umps about the footwear, would have liked to have seen the current saves-leader wear some different cleats. Perhaps a pair of shoes that were a bit more subtle and a little less radioactive orange?

Now, Wilson has never been too concerned with personal appearances and his Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn impersonation is bound to land him a cameo role in the "Major League" remake. But should he really be getting singled out based on the color of his footwear? Because in the Top 5 of all-time ridiculous shoes, Wilson's orange wonders don't even make the grade. What are the Top 5? Glad you asked ... .

All That Glitters Is Gold

Sprinter Michael Johnson was never satisfied to have the gold just around his neck, he had to strap it to his feet as well. The unofficial "fastest man in the world" wore a pair of gold Nikes at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. And, in spite of the density of one of the Earth's most precious metals, Johnson continued to crush world and Olympic records as though his golden shoes were made of air.

Go Directly To Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

OK, so technically, Riff Raff from MTV's "From G's to Gents" is not exactly an athlete. But he is an impresario turned rap artist turned cornrow artist turned D-list celebrity. And with the line between artist and celebrity consistently being blurred these days, the footwear of Hollywood often influences the footwear in American sports stadiums. And when it comes to footwear, nothing could be more distracting than these Monopoly-themed Reeboks. Thank you, Riff Raff. Take the "Free Parking."

"It's Actually A Shade Of Fuchsia"

Soccer hopes to take a stronger foothold in the United States, but these salmon-tinged Nike cleats seen in World Cup matches everywhere aren't really helping the cause. Why not another color? Say, gold? Americans love that (see: Johnson, Michael).

The Classics

OK, not so ridiculous, but the impact that Air Jordans had on culture, street fashion and basketball courts is pretty hard to ignore. Before Jordan was selling shoes along with Spike Lee, basketball footwear lacked the overall panache of today's kicks. And, oh yeah, they were all the same. If you owned a pair of Dr. Js you also owned a pair of Larry Birds AND Magic Johnsons. Then again, it's an interesting missing link between Air Jordans and Chuck Taylors.

It's Hip To Be Square

But the craziest shoes of all time have to be a pair of Marty McFlys (McFlies?). Marty's hoverboard classics were just too good on the silver screen that sneaker heads had to have the real thing. And the current price tag for a fresh pair in the box is only about $2,000. Just don't let Edwin Rodriguez catch you wearing them.