Hofstra Football Program...Dunzo!

Dave Cohen

"Really, the whole program? Can I at least keep my blue jumpsuit?"

From the “If you can’t beat them you might as well join them” file, Hofstra shut down its football program today less than two weeks after Colonial Athletic Association North rival Northeastern did the same.

Hofstra and Northeastern both ended their final seasons with 3-5 conference records but Northeastern defeated Hofstra in their matchup this year, 14-13. Perhaps losing to Northeastern was too much for The Pride to bear.

And while it’s tough to see the good in Hofstra saying goodbye to its football program after 69 seasons, we’re here to shine a light on the bright side of things.

For example, if you thought before today that Coach Dave Cohen was on the hot seat for his 19-27 record during his four-year tenure with the team – no worries, Hofstra is honoring his full contract!

And if you were on the Hofstra football team when today started, guess what? Your school just retired your jersey number – forever!

For those Hofstra grads that don’t know which way to turn now that football is no longer a part of their daily lives, consider the path of Hofstra alumnus Wayne Chrebet. After living the dream for 11 seasons with the J-E-T-S, Chrebet is now helping others reach their financial dreams as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley!

And finally, the Hofstra Pride have a true reason to follow football right now and that’s because alumnus Marques Colston is a key component of the high-flying, undefeated Saints. He also has the best current chance, and probably the last chance, to bring a Super Bowl ring back for homecoming.