The 1986 Mets Network, Coming Soon To A TV Near You?


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Who wouldn't want to watch Keith 24/7?

This weekend, we asked our ESPN Facebook fans a very serious question: If you could only watch one sport (college and pro count as two different ones) for the rest of your life, it would be ______. More than 3,500 of you weighed in (if you're not a fan yet, join in on the fun) and gave us answers that ranged from the expected, to the very specific, to ... well, you'll see.

A whole heap of people (that's a very scientific term, by the way) could watch the NFL 24/7/365 for the rest of their lives, and college football, college basketball, MLB, and the NBA were also common answers. Some people had no trouble choosing a favorite. In fact, some people, like ESPN fan Kirk Bernhardt, had no trouble choosing a very, very specific favorite.


We have to imagine, though, that Kirk would suffer from a bit of mustache overload, if all he could watch is Keith Hernandez and his teammates, no?

Others lacked Kirk's decisiveness and just could not decide. Apparently, ESPN Facebook fan Chris Banta has never heard the term "theoretical question."


But at least Chris narrowed it down to two. Why do we think Michael Carpenter would have a very hard time buying a car.


Lucky for Chris, as Ryan Gull points out, this is not a choice he will ever really have to make (is Chris still "hmmmmming" over the question? We wonder ... ).


While college and pro football and hoops were the heavyweights, a few people did make very compelling arguments for hockey. Of course, none more so than Gene Kwan, who pointed out the merits of the NHL's liberal "Fighting In The Office" policy.


More than a handful of ESPN fans still can't get enough of those crazy curlers - we think it's the pants - and said they'd watch curling and curling only from here till eternity.


But something tells us they were not being entirely serious.


Still, one of the most out of the box answers had to be Cole Macfarlane's response. If Cole could only watch one sport (college and pro count as two different ones) for the rest of his life, it would be ...


You know, this guy, the former GW Colonial who played in the NBA for Dallas, Toronto, San Antonio, and Houston before heading to Spain. While we can't say we entirely disagree with Cole - Pops has been known to put on quite a show - we're very curious. Would he only want to watch Pops playing basketball? Or would he watch 24-hour coverage of him, like, brushing his teeth. Pops, if you're reading, take note. There might be a reality TV show in your future.