We Got Your Fall Fashions Right Here!


Peyton Manning is more dapper than ever with his brand new helmet.

Summer is coming to a close and you know what that means -- fall fashion! Everyone who's anyone was rocking a mustard yellow Broncos jersey at least one day a week by mid-October last year. Yes, a Mike Schmidt powder blue throwback is a timeless piece of apparel that can be worn for decades upon decades, but you should still own at least one article of clothing that represents the cutting edge of today's sports fashion. Here are a few must haves that belong on every fan's fall shopping list.

1929 Packers Throwback Jersey: You don't have to be a Packers fan to look fabulous in this modified version of the 1929 Green Bay jersey. This throwback commemorates Green Bay's first world championship and team president Mark Murphy has already said the team plans on wearing them for one or two home games in 2010. This jersey can be worn under a blazer and paired with slacks or worn with jeans at a less formal function.

Brand New Jazz Jersey: Utah unveiled its new jerseys earlier this week and, as expected, they went retro, incorporating the classic Jazz note along with the team's vintage purple and yellow tones. We don't recommend wearing this beauty on a chilly fall day, but you'll get plenty of compliments from your buddies if you're sporting it at your intramural league.

Colts Helmet: In case you didn't see the Colts-49ers game last Sunday, Indianapolis players were wearing a navy blue helmet as opposed to their normal white one as part of their throwback uniform. We know what you're thinking, "When would I wear a helmet?" Well, this gorgeous piece of head gear makes a magnificent motorcycle or bike helmet and is 100 percent waterproof for rainy commutes to work.

Eagles Kelly Green Jersey: It may be for just one day, but the Eagles will officially be rocking out kelly green unis when they face the Packers on Sept. 12. It goes without saying the city of Philly will be camping outside to purchase these jerseys, but they're fashionable no matter which team you root for. After all, anything that makes you think of QB Eagles from Tecmo Super Bowl is a classic.