Ice Hockey Takes Your Comments And Suggestions

Photo By Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Mike McKee (Team White) and Daniel Catenacci (Team Black) test out a highly volatile rule last week on the ice lab.

Toronto was abuzz this week as representatives from around the puck-based universe convened for the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Hockey Summit. This meeting comes hot on the heels of last week's NHL Rules Lab, where the league's eggheads debated such changes as a 3-on-3 overtime format and hybrid icing calls.

This week's gathering included even more of the greatest minds in the sport including Hockey Canada President Bob Nicholson, Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman ... and you! That's right, as the honchos mulled over such debates as the future of the international game and grassroots development, fans were able to voice their opinions as they rubbed elbows with the powers that be. Provided they have a lot of spare coin lying around, of course.

We missed our train to Toronto, but we hope someone got to bring up some of our requests:

Bring back the Whalers in some fashion. Other than in a videogame, that is. Hartford has a new Pucky the Whale and everything.

Grease the crease. No particular reason; we just like the way it sounds.

Base penalties on the outcomes of fights. We've been waiting 23 years for this to happen ever since we booted up "Blades of Steel" on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Simply put, loser gets more minutes in the box than the winner.

Nobody leaves Toronto until the NHL commits to the 2014 Olympics. Team USA earned a rematch with Team Canada, but we'll even settle for a Sweden-Slovakia match-up if we get another tournament as good as Vancouver '10. Just make sure the pros make it to Sochi, pretty please?

Validate Ilya Kovalchuk's 17-year contract. The flipside? Devise a series of annual challenges he has to complete in order to collect. By year three we want to see his screenplay for the Sean Avery movie.