Nine Burning Questions About "A League Of Their Own"


What was Mae Mordabito's batting average in her first season as a Rockford Peach?

A rainy Tuesday afternoon with no MLB day games gave us the perfect opportunity to take a field trip over to the SportsCenter.com film vault. We argued over which flick to watch for quite a while, but in the end, honoring the 18th anniversary of "A League of Their Own" edged out summarizing two hours of Pete Bell screaming at reporters in "Blue Chips." Although, we will revisit "Blue Chips" in the near future.

As we expected, "A League of Their Own" hasn't aged a day since 1992 — Rosie O'Donnell's over-the-top New York accent is just as maddening as it was 18 years ago and the theme song still gets stuck in your head. However, we did leave this viewing with many unanswered questions and highly debatable topics.

1. Is the woman portraying the older version of Dottie Hinson at the film's start the greatest casting job in movie history?

That older woman you see at the beginning of the film playing the part of Dottie Hinson is NOT Geena Davis with makeup on! It's actually an actress named Lynn Cartwright who looks exactly like Davis would at age 65.

2. Whatever happened to Lori Petty (aka Kit Keller)?

She was great in "Point Break" and wonderful as Dottie's younger sis in "A League of Their Own." Was "Tank Girl" really that bad?

3. Is there a website that sells Lukash Dairy apparel?

Lukash Dairy is the team Dottie and Kit play for before being called up the to big leagues. We've scoured the internet but have yet to find a site that sells Lukash Dairy t-shirts and such. Please let us know if you find a site that sells their apparel. We're in dire need of their memorabilia.

4. If there was a Women's Fantasy Baseball Draft for the 1943 season, who would be the top pick?

Most people think it should be Dottie Hinson, but we like the idea of drafting second baseman Marla Hooch with the No. 1 overall selection because of position scarcity. Thoughts?

5. If MLB adopted the "Catch a Foul, Get a Kiss" promotion from "A League of Their Own," would that give perceived MLB hotties like Derek Jeter more leverage during contract negotiations?

What about Jayson Werth?

6. Why was Bill Pullman cast for the role of Bob Hinson, Dottie's husband?

We have nothing against Pullman, in fact we love his work (especially "Spaceballs"), but he's only on screen for a total of three minutes and that's just a waste of Pullman, right?

7. Was there a trade deadline?

The day after the Rockford Peaches clinch a playoff berth, Kit Keller is traded to the Racine Belles just in time for the so-called, "World Series." Seems a bit odd.

8. Is Dottie Hinson a good teammate?

She abandons the Peaches before the World Series only to come back for a deciding Game 7 and (Spoiler Alert!) drop the ball on purpose in the final play of the game. This reeks of the Black Sox scandal.

9. (Another Spoiler Alert) How much money did Dottie Hinson lose in possible endorsements after dropping that ball?

From hero to goat in less than an inning -- no chance Singer Sewing Machines inked her after she lost her team the World Series.