Are You Ready For The Jordan-Brown Reunion Tour?



"How about it Kwame? Once more, for old time's sake?"

Have you had time to digest the Michael Jordan-Kwame Brown 2010-11 Reunion Tour news yet? Because we’ve just recently wrapped our heads around it.

If you haven’t heard, on Monday, Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats agreed to terms with Kwame for a one-year, $1.3 million deal. At first, it seemed like an odd move – Kwame was drafted No. 1 by the Wizards (he was the first high schooler to be drafted No. 1 overall) when Jordan was president of basketball operations for Washington. Brown went on to be one of the NBA's biggest busts around (averaging 6.7 points and 5.4 rebounds per game over his nine-year career), and the move was seen as one of many mistakes in Jordan’s front office tenure.

So why the big reunion? Well, while it seems odd on the surface, it turns out the move makes perfect sense for the following five (completely made up) reasons.

‘Tis The Season

The picture on the joint holiday card that MJ and KB have been sending around since 2001 is in serious need of some updating. Not only are those suits sooo early ‘00s, but it totally lacks any kind of holiday cheer. If Jordan and Kwame are looking for suggestions, we’re thinking something like this would be awesome for the 2010 edition (thanks, awkwardfamilyphotos.com).

Marketing Magic

With Charlie Sheen out of the picture and this guy just being plain annoying, Jordan is in the market for a new sidekick to help him peddle his Hanes t-shirts. And who better than Kwame for the job! Just look how comfortable he is at reading lines!

Common Misconception

It’s a simple case of mistaken identity. Jordan thought he was getting Kwame Brown the current DC Councilman instead of Kwame Brown the ex-DC hoops player. And, as you can see from this video of the Councilman’s game (the magic happens at the 1:08 mark and gets even more magical from there), it would have been a good move.

Hughes Bait

Jordan’s main mission was actually to re-sign free agent Larry Hughes, who is said to be deciding between the Bobcats and the Celtics. And everybody knows the first step to securing Larry is to secure his old Wizards teammate. Next step, Christian Laettner.