SportsCenter's NOT Top Plays

It's Friday and time for our favorite NOT Top Plays from the week in sports:

Astros vs Phillies: Astros give an intentional walk to Carlos Ruiz. Jayson Werth isn't paying attention on 2nd base and Humberto Quintero throws him out! Not a great moment in middle of the Phillies playoff push.

Twins v Rangers: The U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute into the stadium. One skydiver's parachute gets caught on a flagpole high above the stadium. He is able to cut loose and safely walk away. But technically speaking, he fails the mission of parachuting INTO the stadium.

Our top "Not Top Play" moment, is a horse race tongue-twister between "my wife knows everything" and "the wife doesn't know," that you just have to listen for yourself. The question is, what does your wife know?