Can Other Athletes Compete In MMA? UFC President Dana White Has His Opinion

Could Other Athletes Succeed in MMA? (1:44)

UFC Prez Dana White's answer may surprise you. (1:44)

Tonight's UFC 118 is considered by some to be the first showdown between MMA fighters and professional boxers. Former Heavyweight superstar, James Toney enters the octagon for the first time in his career against UFC legend, Randy Couture. While this may never put the hot fire debate to rest, UFC President Dana White wants to clear the air about his UFC fighters and how special they are.

Brock Lesnar made the switch from Pro wrestling, to pro football (kind of), to becoming a UFC Champion - is that a one-time, freak of nature, type deal? OR, can others like Shaq and Albert Pujols step into the octagon and drop a rear naked choke on Anderson Silva? We sent our Senior Correspondent in Athletic Domination, Steve Braband, to ask this very same question to the always energetic, Dana White ... and his answer may surprise you.