List Of Eight: NFL Referee Or WWE Wrestler?


Getty Images

You've likely seen this man before, but do you know his name?

They're always wearing the same outfit to work, we see them every Sunday and we know them by face, yet most of us couldn't tell you their names if our reputations depended on it. We're talking about NFL referees, of course. Plenty of casual football fans can pick Ed Hochuli (pictured above) out in a lineup, but other than Hochuli, most football aficionados would be hard-pressed to point out another NFL referee if they saw him on the street.

So, in this week's edition of List of Eight, we ask you: tell us if the following names are NFL Referees or WWE Wrestlers. No cheating!

1. Skip Sheffield

2. Jeff Triplette

3. Terry McAuley

4. Curt Hawkins

5. Michael Tarver

6. Ron Winter

7. Mike Carey

8. Darren Young

Answers after the jump.

1. Wrestler

2. Referee

3. Referee

4. Wrestler

5. Wrestler

6. Referee

7. Referee

8. Wrestler