How Well Do You Know Your Monday Night Football Teams?


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Does Ray Lewis have a doppelganger on "90210"?

Finally. You’ve cut the last link in your Days Left Till Monday Night Football Paper Chain. But are you really ready for all the MNF magic that is about to be unleashed? Sure, you’ve read the game previews (both) and counted all the reasons why Mondays suck, but can you pass our Monday Night Football Quiz? It’s time to find out. Because (yes!!!!) it’s Monday.

1. Which MNF team has had one of its members star in an Old Spice commercial?

A) The Ravens

B) The Jets

C) The Chargers

D) The Ravens and the Jets

2. Which MNF team has a quarterback that is one of the five highest-paid QBs in the NFL?

A) The Jets

B) The Jets AND the Ravens

C) The Chargers

D) The Chargers and the Jets

3. Which MNF team has great hopes for a rookie running back who shares his name with a character on "90210" (the new one, natch)?

A) The Chiefs

B) The Jets

C) The Ravens

D) The Chargers

4. Which MNF team has on its roster the player who had the most points scored in the 2009 season?

A) The Chargers

B) The Ravens

C) The Chiefs

D) The Jets

5. Which MNF team’s quarterback was college roommates with Troy Polamalu?

A) The Jets

B) The Chargers

C) The Chiefs

D) The Ravens

Answers after the jump ... .


1. A. Ray Lewis. Easy one. But Isaiah Mustafa (you know, this guy) did play for the Titans, Browns and Raiders practice squads. But they’re not playing tonight. So it’s still A. Good job.

2. C. Phillip Rivers is No. 5 on a list that includes Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, and Brett Favre. Wait your turn, young Sanchize. Wait your turn.

3. D. Ryan Mathews is the Chargers’ first-round draft pick and an All-WAC running back, but Ryan Matthews (two Ts!) is a heartthrob teacher at West Beverly with unconventional teaching methods. OK, so they’re spelled differently. That was kind of a trick. You can give yourself points even if you got it wrong.

4. A. That’s right, Iowa City’s own Nate Kaeding ladies and gentlemen. The Chargers kicker booted 32 field goals and 50 PATs for 146 points in 2009. Quick, fantasy owners. Trade for him now! (Kidding. Kidding!).

5. C. It was Matt Cassel who was stealing Troy’s Head and Shoulders shampoo. Or it could have been Carson Palmer – he lived with Troy too. Hey, did you know Charlie Weis and Joe Montana were roomies at Notre Dame? How about Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones at Harvard? Of course you knew that. Everyone knows that.