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When Donovan McNabb was shipped off to D.C., Kevin Kolb stepped into his cleats as the starter in Philadelphia. But for how long? He lasted exactly one half against the Packers before picking up a concussion when his head was slammed to the turf on a hit by Clay Matthews. And in that half, the entire Eagles offense managed to pick up just 23 total yards on his 17 total snaps. But Michael Vick picked it up from there. He alone threw for 175 yards and ran for 103 more, raising eyebrows in a 27-20 loss. In his NFL career, Vick has now gained at least 100 yards passing and rushing seven times. In NFL history, no one else has done that more than three times. And the two other guys who did do that three times were also Eagles - McNabb and Randall Cunningham. Andy Reid said he'll stick with Kolb as his starter - if he's healthy. But maybe they should all get their heads examined.

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Dear Mat Latos:

Noticed you came into yesterday's crucial game leading the majors with your 2.21 ERA. Also noticed you were gone after four innings since you allowed five runs on seven hits. That sort of thing meant you got saddled with the loss to the Giants, which meant that your Padres (80-62) now lead the West over those Giants (81-63) by just 0.0009. But that's not what was crucial. It also meant your ERA blew up to 4.91 this week. Next time, let's try to notice when the playoffs actually start.


Your Fantasy Owners

PS. Please pass this along to your friend Tim Hudson and his 7.94 ERA this week.

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For the third straight year, the men's final of the US Open will be played on a Monday. But for the first time since 2003, it will be played without Roger Federer. That's because Novak Djokovic was impressive against the five-time champ in the semifinals, fighting off a couple of match points before winning in five sets. So he welcomed yesterday's rain-out, but he'll have to be equally impressive today against World No. 1 Rafael Nadal (4:00 ET). Djokovic has never beaten Nadal in a Grand Slam tournament, and Nadal has never lost a Grand Slam final to anyone other than Federer. But Nadal also has never impressed anybody with his impressions of other players. Advantage: Djokovic.

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