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The Reds have no regard for Mother Nature. They fought off the bugs (call them Mayflies) to beat the snakes (call them Diamondbacks) and open up an eight-game lead over the redbirds (call them Cardinals). But the bugs, they were creepy. Probably not as creepy as those midges in Cleveland. Or those bees in San Diego. But still, creepy. Let's see what shakes out when they go back at it this afternoon (12:35 ET).

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The Rockets say that Yao Ming will be held to just 24 minutes a game this season in a desperate bid to keep him healthy. And 24 minutes a game doesn't mean 24 minutes per game. If he plays 22 minutes on Tuesday, he's not playing 26 on Wednesday. When the clock hits 24, his time is up. He's the new Jack Bauer.

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"Because I am rich."

A football soccer player across the pond was apparently talking to police after his car wrecked over the weekend. He had already passed a sobriety test when they noticed a thick wad of cash sticking out of his pocket. They asked him why. And Mario Balotelli gave arguably the greatest answer of all time.