Sports Food Watch: Burger Bonanza For The Bucks' Brockman

Jon Brockman and Dwight Howard

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Dwight Howard may be a beefy guy, but he’s got nothing on Jon Brockman’s burger.

Calling all meat and dairy lovers, one of the newest Bucks has made a real early entrée into the Milwaukee restaurant scene. Newly imported slab of power forward/center Jon Brockman (who must have endured many "Simpsons" references in his day) reported to the area two weeks before training camp and asked his legion of Twitter followers where he could find some good eats. The result? A collaboration with AJ Bombers to unleash The Brockness Burger, a culinary beast of a sandwich that has enough goods to take the Bron Burger to the hole.

Tale of the tape (courtesy of The Burger Whisperer):

  • Two 100 percent beef patties (including an organic grass-fed option – just like a wild buck)

  • Two fried eggs (not eggs Bango-dict?)

  • Four pieces of bacon (not counting the bacon “antlers” … because you should Fear the Deer more than delicious, juicy pork fat)

  • "Pnut" butter (because if there’s one thing this sammich was lacking, it’s protein)

  • A “mess” of cheese (we’re in Wisconsin, duh)

That sounds like one tasty burger. We’d like to see how many of these Joey Chestnut could put down in 12 minutes.

As an added Nice Guy Bonus, Jon will give $10 for every Brockness Burger sold in the next week to the Special Olympics. Which means, if you’re a carnivore in the area, you’re almost committed to try one. Let us know how it goes down and excuse our drooling.