Tom Brady: Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow


Getty Images

"Hey, Randy. Is my hair product intact?"

It's no secret that Tom Brady has undergone a bit of a two-part makeover since marrying supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2009. His wardrobe was the first noticeable change, but that occurred with little or no fanfare. Next up was a new haircut. The "do" made its world premiere during the NBA Finals this past summer, but garnered serious notoriety among Patriots fans during the NFL preseason. Now, with the NFL season in full swing, people in Boston and across the country are voicing their opinions and debating about the shaggy-yet-styled hair-do. In fact, Brady's hair has become as hot of a topic of debate as the use of the BCS in college football or instant replay in baseball.

Well, no ... not really. But it has definitely sparked some semi-serious debates.

However, all those involved seem to agree on one thing: Tom Brady's hair looks eerily similar to pop sensation Justin Bieber's. According to an independent poll held by and for Patriots fans, more than half want him to cut it or do something other than what it currently looks like. It was only an inevitable matter of time before the question was asked of Tom Brady himself: are you going to lop off those locks? Brady's answer was a very simple, "you'll have to speak to my wife about that." You've got to respect a man who puts his family of two before his millions of fans ... right?

Ok, so the "Bieber" look isn't going anywhere any time soon. At least Patriots fans can take comfort in knowing that Brady's hair won't be insured for $1 million (see: Troy Polamalu). Perhaps they can hope for an episode of "Wife-Swap" where Brady trades wives with Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings. After all, Mrs. Allen made Jared cut his infamous mullet for their wedding day earlier this year, so who's to say she couldn't get Brady to chop off his locks and go for a buzz-cut?

Luckily, for all haters of the hair-do, Brady DOES have to wear a helmet most of the time he's on TV. Your best bet, however, would be to avoid watching the post-game press conference.