The View From Downfield: What It Looks Like To Field An NFL Punt

What It Looks Like To Field An NFL Punt (3:50)

NY Jets Punter Steve Weatherford punts in Bristol (3:50)

What do you think is the hardest task in sports? Returning an Andy Roddick 100mph serve? Avoiding a Troy Polamalu tackle? Hitting a knuckleball? There are numerous feats in sports that we as sports fans, take for granted. What about punting a football? Sure, punters only play an average of 4 to 5 snaps a game, but booming a pigskin fifty-plus yards every time you take the field is no easy task.

How would you like to suit up and field an NFL punt? Staring straight up in the air at a football while 11 angry men charge down the field to destroy you. To get a better glimpse of how tough it is to field an NFL punt (one of the most under appreciated and difficult tasks in sports if you ask Steve), we strapped a helmet cam to Steve Braband and tossed him out onto the ESPN football field to catch some punts from the league leader in hang time, Steve Weatherford of the New York Jets. The view from the helmet cam is a must watch ... Steve's punt returning ability however, is surprisingly half decent ... for the "layman." Enjoy.