Jay Harris: Let's See How Andy Reid's Plan Works

Jay Harris

I'm a big NBA fan, and love the theater of the NBA Finals. 7 games to determine a champion. What I most like is the game to game strategy, or what we've come to call the "adjustments". Each team enters each game with a plan. If the plan fails, here come the adjustments. Even if the plan works, there are adjustments. Andy Reid may be coaching the Philadelphia 76ers next season, as well as the Eagles, because this week he made what could become the adjustment of a lifetime. After trading away franchise QB Donovan McNabb, he gave the keys to the car to Kevin Kolb. 1 concussion and 6 quarters of spectacular play later, those keys are now in the hands of Michael Vick. Reid never said they were wrong in giving Kolb the keys from the beginning. He just recognized Vick was playing too well right now to take the keys away. Now if he falters, Kolb might get the keys again. In a sport where sticking to the plan for the sake of the plan is usually the norm, this adjustment is refreshing. Let's see how it works.