For Sale Friday: Monsters, Pumpkins And Time To Break Out The Bronco Balm

Mark Ingram

Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

Mark Ingram's knee is definitely not for sale, even though it looks to be as strong as ever.

The Minnesota Twins are the first Major League team to clinch a spot in the playoffs, and that can only mean fall is in the air. Even though you can probably leave your autumn jackets in storage for one more weekend, there are plenty of reasons to stay inside, whether it's shopping for team merch online or watching this weekend's slate of sports:

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas

Saturday at 3:30 ET

The No. 1 Crimson Tide face their biggest test yet against the No. 10 Razorbacks, the first time since 1979 where two top-10 teams squared off in Fayetteville. It’s the first of three tough matchups in a row for ‘Bama, a team that plays No. 9 Florida and No. 12 South Carolina over the next two weeks. It just might be the scariest stretch of the Tide’s schedule. Speaking of scary, it’s never too early to break out the Halloween decorations, including this Alabama 12-inch decorative pumpkin or Arkansas ceramic pumpkin cookie jar.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Boise State

Saturday at 8 ET on ABC

If there’s one thing the Beavers are good at, it’s playing the spoiler. Oregon State has won each of its last three games against AP top-3 teams. To get into the mood, they even painted one of their practice fields blue to get ready for the No. 3 Broncos. If the Beavers are licking their lips at the thought of another upset, they’d better apply some Boise State balm to get further into their opponents’ minds, and maybe jump a few spots up from their No. 24 ranking.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans

Sunday at 1 ET

The Texans have posted back-to-back wins over the Colts and Redskins thanks to their explosive offense and a few key defensive stops. They've got the Cowboys directly in their sights in a true Texas showdown. Dallas must feel like it's behind the eight ball after an 0-2 start, so now would be a good time to extend the metaphor by picking up this officially licensed Texans cue stick.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Dover

Sunday at 1 ET

While Clint Bowyer managed to snap his 88-race losing streak in New Hampshire last week, his team’s 150-point penalty makes the Sprint Cup standings that much more volatile. Denny Hamlin and the pack travel to the Monster Mile for another pivotal playoff race. And what better way to celebrate a return to Dover International Speedway than by breaking out the official third edition Miles the Monster action figure, complete with gas can? Because nothing shows your love for racing than a rock golem holding a container of flammable liquid.

NFL: NY Jets at Miami Dolphins

Sunday at 8:30 ET

Mark Sanchez redeemed himself (at least for now) with a dramatic win over the Patriots in Week 2, giving some fans hope that all the preseason hype wasn't all smoke. Meanwhile, it's a little too early to get Mercury Morris on the line, but the Dolphins are 2-0 to begin the season thanks to their defense (and little thanks to two offensive touchdowns). If Chad Henne's arm wakes up, the 'Fins could be putting their stamp on the AFC East title, much like you can put a stamp on your bread with this ProToast Toaster.