Kevin Durant Now Poster Boy For Keeping Videogame Athletes In The Loop

Kevin Durant

Photo by Marc Lecureuil/Getty Images for Nike

Kevin Durant exhibits all seven stages of grief at once after hearing the news NBA Elite was put on hold.

The latest batch of fresh videogames dropped into stores yesterday, most notably several major hoops games: "NBA 2K11" and "NBA Jam." This year's PS3/360 edition of "2K" boasts the return of Michael Jordan to the virtual hardcourt, while "Jam" brings back the flaming three-pointers and roof-rattling dunks of the classic 90's arcade quarter-muncher. One notable absence: "NBA Elite 11," AKA "The Hoops Simulation Formerly Known As NBA Live." Yesterday was also supposed to be the a milestone for "NBA Elite" cover star Kevin Durant. However, the game was put on indefinite hiatus due to testers' less-than-boom-shacka-lacka feedback. Kevin eventually got wind of the delay ... but had to find out via Twitter. What does the kid have to do to get some respect around here? Whether it's having his scoring title poo-pooed or getting snubbed by the White House, you'd think he's earned enough props to be the first to know that he won't be going head-to-head against MJ, so to speak.

"[The game developers] said [NBA Elite] wasn’t as up to par as they wanted it to be," Durant said. "That’s kind of unfortunate. It was kind of cool to see myself on a video game. I guess they’ll wait till it gets right. We’ll see." Makes you want to give the guy a hug.

We have a pretty good feeling Durant will find a way to soldier on. After all, he carried Team USA to FIBA World Championship gold after the presidential pick-up game incident. Still, don't be surprised if Kevin gets another bombshell from one among the eclectic range of accounts he's following. We can only imagine another downer along these lines:

Bill Gates - "'NBA Elite 11' out soon. Just not for the Xbox 360."

Jeremy Piven - "Turtle's wearing a @kdthunderup jersey for Entourage next season. j/k @kingjames FTW haha.

Jaleel White - "Family Matters" movie in dev. Will not be playing Urkel.

Gatorade - "Coming out with a new Durant-branded flavor. It's a mix of pickle juice/gasoline."

Mark Cuban - "Just completed 3-way trade w/L.A. Enjoy @Clippers, @kdthunderup!"