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The NHL opens the regular season this afternoon. Or, technically, right at noon ET when the Hurricanes and the Wild face off from Helsinki. ("As in Helsinki, Sweden." "Finland.") More than 1600 miles southwest of there, the Lakers continue their NBA preseason European Vacation in Spain where they'll face FC Barcelona (2:30 ET on ESPN2). That's the club that lost the likes Pau Gasol to the Grizzlies but beat out the Timberwolves for the likes of Ricky Rubio. That's also the football club that features the likes of Leo Messi (and what's not to like?), and the one that Kobe Bryant likes as well.

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More from The Rundown, including how not to be remembered on your homecoming, and why the Giants shouldn't be worried that they hit below the Mendoza line against the Braves this season, after the jump.


Randy Moss returns to practice today as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Practice begins just before 1:00 ET, and he's expected to address the media just after it ends, alongside his new quarterback. (Shelley Smith is there with complete coverage throughout the morning on SportsCenter.) Brett Favre probably remembers Moss as a Viking quite well from his days in Green Bay. And he probably hopes that Moss remembers how to stretch the field, since his current crop of receivers doesn't seem to. And he probably also hopes Moss doesn't remember how Favre once ripped his new favorite target for taking plays off.

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Both ALDS will each probably have two games already in the books before the NLDS between the Braves and Giants even starts. They'll play Game 1 tonight out in San Francisco (9:37 ET). The Giants batted .197 against the Braves this season. That was their lowest batting average against any opponent this season. In fact, only three other teams in major-league history had a sub-.200 regular-season batting average against a team that they went on to play in the playoffs. Yet all three went on to win those postseason series easily:

- The 2005 Astros hit .175 against the Braves, but won the NLDS 3-1.

- The 1983 Phillies hit .187 against the Dodgers, but won the NLCS 3-1.

- The 1971 Orioles hit .185 against the A's, but won the ALCS 3-0.