St. Louis Rams Want Fans At Dome, Not At Home


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As if a fire-spewing ram isn't reason enough to buy tickets to a Rams game ...

The St. Louis Rams are in a bit of a pickle. You see, they've got a solid fanbase who seem to prefer watching their less-than-spectacular team from home and, well, they won't be able to watch from home if they don't sell out the Edward Jones Dome (as per NFL blackout rules). It seems that their five remaining home games for the 2010 season are short of selling out by 5,000-7,500 tickets. Keep in mind that this is the same Rams team who sold out their first 100 games since moving from L.A. in 1995, a streak which ended in 2006 on Christmas Eve (bah humbug, much?).

As teams with struggling attendance so often do, the Rams organization is having some giveaways and promotions in order to avoid any further blackouts. We'd hate to see a storied franchise like the Rams face such a fate, so we've taken it upon ourselves to serve up some promotional ideas for each of the remaining games. You're welcome in advance, St. Louis!

October 17 - San Diego Chargers: Free electricity for a week!

We're swapping power for power, here -- fan power, that is (waka waka)! Show up the bolts with the electricity of nearly 70,000 screaming fans.

October 31 - Carolina Panthers: Kitten giveaway!

What better way to help your team tame the cats than by filling the dome, cheering on the Rams and leaving with a tame cat of your own? NOTE: All kittens come fully inoculated and will be given out AFTER the game.

November 21 - Atlanta Falcons: FREE TURKEYS

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, folks. Buy a ticket to the game and walk away with your dinner cornerstone in tow. Don't celebrate Thanksgiving? You can always stage your own presidential pardoning ceremony.

December 19 - Kansas City Chiefs: Missouri BBQ Battle

Who has the best BBQ in the state, St. Louis or Kansas City? Come judge for yourself as some of the best Missouri grill masters set up shop and feed you. Once you've had your fill of ribs, kick back and watch the interstate gridiron battle between the Chiefs and Rams. Did we mention the food is free?

December 26 - San Francisco 49ers: Free tickets for fruitcake

It happens to all of us. It's the most dreaded holiday gift next to cheap cologne and ugly sweaters. It's the fruitcake, and it will sit in your kitchen like a bag of lead until you're forced to throw it away ... until now! That's right, Rams fans -- all you have to do is show up to the game with your unwanted culinary disaster and you'll receive a ticket to the game in return! It's also worth noting that this game is against a division rival, so how could you go wrong?

That's all there is to it, St. Louis Rams decision-makers. Try out our promotional ideas and just watch as the Edward Jones Dome gets stuffed like a free turkey.