D-League Owner Pulls D-Minus Michael Jordan Stunt

Scott Winterton/NBAE/Getty Images

Taye Diggs and Donald Faison shoot a scene from “The Great Salt Lake Ball Fake."

Utah Flash owner Brandt Andersen admitted misleading more than 7,500 paying fans who expected a rematch of Michael Jordan-Bryon Russell’s ‘98 NBA Finals matchup. “If you did not see it as fun or you feel we went over the top I am sorry," he said after the irate crowd booed a fake MJ off the court. “We wanted to test the strength and effectiveness of viral media by putting [a Jordan imposter] out in Provo [Utah] with bodyguards, and some hype". So for those keeping score of this little match-up, Jordan-based Ticket Scams: 1, Viral Media: 0.

This whole scenario sounds like an inspirational sports movie without the Hollywood ending. What would it take for Andersen to redeem his reputation the moment the crowd found out their MJ was an impersonator? Here’s our pitch:

  1. Andersen opens his jacket, and it’s filled with puppies.

  2. The puppies run into the arms of awaiting orphans.

  3. Bryon Russell comes onto court, presents giant check, adopts the entire orphanage.

  4. Andersen falls to his knees crying, asking aloud if he’s lived his life as a good sports team owner.

  5. False Jordan reveals himself to be Bugs Bunny.

If ESPN can't give this the greenlight, we hope Lifetime does.