Weekend Recap: Dueling Aces, Last-Minute NFL Finishes And Enter The BCS

Wisconsin Badgers

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Fun fact: Badgers happen to be excellent climbers.

With all the hair-raising endings over the past couple of days you'd be excused for thinking Halloween's come early, but no, it's just fall athletics. Let's see what was going on in the world of sports while you were apple picking and getting lost in corn mazes:

OSU Falls To Wisconsin

Well, that was quick. The Ohio State University held the title of the nation's top college football program for all of one week. Much like Nick Saban's Crimson Tide, the Buckeyes also happened to lose on the road and in-conference thanks to scrappy Wisconsin. Is there any goalpost that's safe from this terrible scourge of upsets? Apparently not (just ask Nebraska, stopped by Texas).

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

... provided you love college football and complex computer algorithms. With Alabama and Ohio State gone, that wonderful formula fans love to hate has tabbed the five top teams in the nation, namely (in order) Oklahoma, Oregon, Boise State, Auburn and TCU. Oh BCS poll results, how we've missed you, like holiday fruitcake or an annual physical at the doctor (perhaps not always welcome, but a guaranteed conversation starter).

All's Square In Baseball

Both AL and NL Championship Series ended on Sunday in a draw and the Yankees, Rangers, Phillies and Giants swapped wins. The Bronx Bombers couldn't overcome a deep deficit two days in a row on Saturday while the vaunted Halladay versus Lincecum duel gave way to the Cody Ross show with his two home runs. On Sunday Philadelphia extracted a little payback thanks to Roy Oswalt's eight innings of brilliance and a timely deep ball from Jimmy Rollins. We're waiting on someone to disprove the old saying that pitching, defense, timely hitting and the occasional mascot on an ATV wins championships.

Cardiac Kids Rule the NFL

For a real change of pace, off-field drama gave way to a pretty awesome day of games on the gridiron. Indianapolis, Seattle, Miami, St. Louis, and New England all won by a field goal (the Fins and Seahawks going into overtime). Meanwhile, Houston staged a furious 21-point comeback (and the kind of play that justified Andre Johnson as fantasy football's #1 wideout pick). LaDainian Tomlinson outshone Shonn Greene yet again with two touchdowns, including the go-ahead score to take the win over Denver. And the Vikings won the Desperation Bowl with a close game of their own. The 49ers are now tied with the Cowboys at a single win to speak of; that's two fewer than the Rams. That sound you heard was the collective shrug of NFL analysts trying to make sense of this wacky season. Viva league parity!