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Chris Johnson ran for 111 yards in Monday Night's 30-3 win in Jacksonville. That gives him at least 100 rushing yards in each of his last eight road games. That gives him the second-longest such streak in NFL history, since Barry Sanders had a 10-game streak that spanned the 1996 and 1997 seasons. (And that gives Marcus Allen the third-longest such streak, since he had a seven-gamer with the Los Angeles Raiders that spanned the 1985 and 1986 seasons.) Oddly enough, the last time Chris Johnson didn't run for at least a C-Note was in Jacksonville last October 4. (Meep-meep.)

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Think big, think positive, never show any sign of weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. Fear? That's the other guy's problem. Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the absolute carnage you are about to witness.

The NFL trade deadline is today. 4:00 ET today, to be exact (and we like to be exact). So let's look back on some other memorable deadline deals, shall we?

2009 - The Jets trade Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik and a 3rd and 5th-round draft pick to the Browns for Braylon Edwards.

2008 - The Cowboys trade a 1st, 3rd and 6th-round draft pick in 2009 draft to the Lions for Roy Williams and a 7th-round pick in 2010.

2007 - The Chargers trade a 2nd-round pick in 2008 to the Dolphins for Chris Chambers.

2006 - The Colts trade a 2nd-round pick in 2007 to the Buccaneers for Booger McFarland. (Booger.)

2004 - The Seahawks trade a 7th-round pick to the Raiders for Jerry Rice.

1989 - A 3-team, 6-player, 12 draft pick deal. The upshot of which was the Cowboys dealing Herschel Walker to the Vikings for 5 players and 7 draft picks.

1987 - A 3-team, 10-player deal. The Colts get Eric Dickerson from the Rams, the Bills get Cornelius Bennett and the Rams get 2 RB and 6 draft picks. (Dickerson would rush for 1,000 yards in 9 games for the Colts in 1987 leading them to the AFC East title. Bennett would go on to 71.5 career sacks and play in 5 Super Bowls.)

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"Yep... They just took my car lol... Now I'm standing on the interstate lookin like an idiot lol."

- Danny Granger is on the Pacers roster, but not on the Pacers' flight to Minnesota. But, thankfully, he's also on Twitter:

- "Heading 2 the airport 2 leave 2 miinnesota & a cop just pulled me ovr. Apparently my plates R expired! ths is the 1st...I missed the team plane and now I'm getting towed!!"

- "Yep... They just took my car lol... Now I'm standing on the interstate lookin like an idiot lol."

- "For everyone that asked no I'm not hitchhiking to minnesota lol I just went to the airport and booked a flight. Just landed in minneapolis"

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