For Sale Friday: Old-Fashioned Adverts And Real Live Tigers


Getty Images

Does Les Miles have a live tiger in his basement? Maybe. Just maybe.

Major League Baseball playoffs, BCS undefeateds squaring off, NFL rivalry games – there’s so much going on this weekend! And so much schwag to go along with it. So let’s forget the preamble, and dive straight into another edition of For Sale Friday.

MLB National League Championship Series – Sanchez’s Revenge?

San Francisco at Philadelphia

Saturday at 3:57 (ET)

Roy Oswalt and Jonathan Sanchez are set to duel again, and after taking a loss in Game 2, you can bet Sanchez is looking for some revenge. If he gets it, and knocks the Phillies out of the playoffs in the process, fans can keep the games going with this Phillies Connect Four game. Because nothing's more fun than vertical checkers! Right? Right!

College Football – Battle of the Jungle Cats

No. 6 LSU at No. 4 Auburn

Saturday at 3:30 (ET)

This is not only an epic battle between two SEC teams ranked in the BCS top 10 and a battle of unbeatens, it’s a battle of Tiger mascots! Since you can’t buy a live Tiger to watch the game with – or can you? – may we suggest this life-like plush one instead. Warning – no matter how calm the baby in the ad looks next to this giant animal, we have to believe that in real life, placing this stuffed animal next to a baby would freak it the heck out.

NASCAR Sprint Cup – Hot Chasin’

Tums Fast Relief at Martinsville

Sunday at 1 (ET) on ESPN

Are you excited to see points leaders Jimmie Johnson (first), Denny Hamlin (second) and Kevin Harvick (third) duke it out at the Tums Fast Relief race at Martinsville, yet still disappointed that there are no new “Mad Men” episodes till next season? Pay homage to both with a vintage Tums advertisement from the 1950s. Who knew how much fun could be had without heartburn and acid indigestion?

NFL Sunday Night – Welcome Back to Green Day

Minnesota at Green Bay

Sunday at 8:20 (ET)

Ohhhh. Favre’s back in Green Bay for the Sunday night game. What we wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in the Packers’ locker room before that game. Well, you can’t do that. But you CAN pretend you’re in the Green Bay locker room with your very own Green Bay locker! A steal at $119.95. Pack it full of protein bars and towels and you’re ready to watch!