Will Jordan and Johnson Spark A Dream Team Tag Sale?


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When asked if he's selling his car in hopes of buying Charles Barkley's golf clubs, Michael Jordan replied with a "tee-hee."

In a matter of 24 hours, former "Dream Team" teammates Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have gone on separate selling sprees. His Airness has jumped into the eBay game by putting his 2007 Mercedes Benz SLR up for auction. The starting, "Buy It Now" price? A mere $429,998. That's right, sports fans, you can finally drive like Mike for under a half million bucks. Not too shabby! Then, in a completely unrelated move, you've got Magic Johnson selling his %4.5 stake in the L.A. Lakers, as well as his 105 Starbucks franchises, a day later. Now he'll have to pay to watch the Lakers play while he sips on a Frappuccino.

Okay, so we're positive that the sell-offs are purely coincidental. But seeing as how we live, eat and breathe sports, we couldn't help but wonder if this is going to spark a trend with other former Dream Teammates. If so, what would they sell? Let’s take a look:

"The Mailman" Karl Malone is an avid hunter and fisherman, so we'd have to assume he's got quite the collection of gear and fishing rods. If he put that stuff up for sale, there's got to be some basketball/hunting fanatic out there who would jump at the opportunity to buy it up, take his friends fishing and say, "let me just bait up my lucky Karl Malone Mailman rod."

At this point in his life, Charles Barkley has probably spent more time on golf courses than he did on basketball courts. Hoops, however, was definitely his better sport. Sir Charles' golf game has gotten progressively worse over the years (he used to shoot an 80 ... he now shoots well over 100). That said, might we suggest he sell off his irons? We're sure he could use the money for a trip to Vegas.

The youngest member of the original Dream Team, Christian Laettner went from professional athlete to pro sports entrepreneur when he bought Major League Soccer's D.C. United franchise, making him the squad's resident futbol mogul. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Clyde "The Glide" Drexler has already cornered the market when it comes to public sales. This former member of the Dream Team has made quite the post-NBA career for himself by selling … well … himself. Drexler has maintained his celebrity, as well as his bank account, by appearing on several Reality TV shows. His appearances include "Celebrity Apprentice," "Dancing With the Stars" and "Pros vs. Joes." This means the rest of us get him for free (owning a TV an obvious necessity).

We suppose that since none of those sell-offs are going to actually happen anytime soon, we’ll just start saving up for the Jordan-mobile. Donations are always welcome.